Mining has a large market, mainly in Brazil, where the exploitation of mineral resources is part of the industrial and economic progress of the country. The mining industry's main activities are the extraction, and processing minerals found in their natural state, such as coal, oil and natural gas. Thus, underground mines, wells and quarries, for example, often require multidisciplinary engineering projects, in order to ensure proper extraction and preparation of ores.

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Completing 10 years of market in 2018, SANDECH counts on a multidisciplinary team qualified to offer solutions for projects of: Automation, CCTV, Armed Concrete, Electrical, Metallic Structure, Instrumentation, Mechanics, Process, Security, Telecom and Piping.

In addition to preparing all the project documentation, the company provides support, supervision and technical support services, such as: MMO (Maintenance, Modification and Optimization), C&I (Construction and Installation), ATO Technical Opinions) and ADF (Documentation Analysis of Suppliers).

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