Chemical & Petrochemical

Participating in almost all existing industrial processes, the chemical sector plays an important role in the development of the economy and promote the growth of other productive sectors. Allied to it, there is the petrochemical industry, which is related to the oil transformation industries in its various derivatives, whose demand grows daily. Both areas, in order to contribute even more to the country's technological and economic advancement, require multidisciplinary engineering projects in order to maintain, adapt and expand its industrial plants.

SANDECH has national and international clients in the area, delivering, with excellence and agility, projects of engineering of refinement, oil flow and several other solutions for chemical and petrochemical industries.

Innovation, Ethic e Quality.

Completing 10 years of market in 2018, SANDECH counts on a multidisciplinary team qualified to offer solutions for projects of: Automation, CCTV, Armed Concrete, Electrical, Metallic Structure, Instrumentation, Mechanics, Process, Security, Telecom and Piping.

In addition to preparing all the project documentation, the company provides support, supervision and technical support services, such as: MMO (Maintenance, Modification and Optimization), C&I (Construction and Installation), ATO Technical Opinions) and ADF (Documentation Analysis of Suppliers).

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