About SANDECH Engineering

The main motivation of SANDECH's engagement in the market was to contribute to the development of national engineering, generating jobs and accelerating the country development.

We develop projects for the most diversify segments of the economy, such as: oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy, agribusiness, infrastructure and food & beverage, among others, offering the most diverse engineering services and supporting all its phases, from the implementation to the maintenance and improvement of industrial plants.

We have excellence in designing Brownfield projects, which has been one of Engineering's greatest challenges since plants in operation require projects that are fully aligned and designed so that there are no downtime, and in addition, must consider all existing documentation and interferences . In addition, in our portfolio there are a variety of Greenfield projects, which also have their peculiarities, since they involve, like Licensing with the competent agencies and concessionaires of energy, water and sewage, whose project is also part of our scope.

Our biggest advantages are the ability to integrate high technology services with modern management techniques and to visualize management projects from an engineering perspective. This association of engineering and management disciplines provides a unique point of view compared to traditional approaches in the current marketplace. Offering high value-added solutions, maximizing profits and results, integrating processes and increasing productivity for our Customers.

Our History

Know our trajectory.



SANDECH was founded in Rio de Janeiro by three engineers. Created during a time of growing demand for Engineering and Management services in Brazil with a notorious lack of skilled labor. It emerged in the market to meet the demand for projects that require high technical level, challenging deadlines and result oriented.



As a Multidisciplinary Engineering company with high management capacity, SANDECH excelled in several competitions, providing an innovative point of view compared to the traditional approaches used in the market. Following this approach during the first year the company grow, aggregating in its portfolio significant strategic contracts that were essential for its subsequent expansion.



In the first year , even Brazil was facing a Severus economic crisis, SANDECH achieved a growth of 240%, with an extremely qualified technical staff and focused on offering high value-added solutions, maximizing profits and results, process integration and increased productivity for its Customers.



Regardless the continuous economic crisis in Brazil, the Company achieved a 50% growth and reached projects in several sectors, such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and energy, carrying out projects in 21 states of the country.



SANDECH, already consolidated in the national engineering market, achieved a growth of 30%, starting projects in other sectors of the economy, such as infrastructure, food, airport, among others.


To become a nationally recognized company in offering multidisciplinary engineering solution, showing our ability to turn adversities into innovative solutions.

Our Purposes


Develop sustainable technological solutions that add value to the client, establishing long-term relationships, contributing to the country's progress and professional development of our employees.


The execution of our services is based on the following pillars:

- Customer Satisfaction;
- Commitment to deadlines and results;
- Continuous improvement;
- Mutual respect among stakeholders;
- Integrity (moral, personal and physical);
- Social, Environmental, Business and Economic Responsibility (sustainability);


To become, by 2025, a nationally recognized company in offering multidisciplinary engineering solution.


SANDECH's Ethics Code and Professional Conduct reflects our commitment to our customers and our employees in order to conduct our business to the highest standards of integrity. This code also brings the ethical principles that guide the company.

SANDECH values are based on transparency, competence and team spirit, and are rooted in honesty and respect for the individual.

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Management System

HSE - Zero Accident Policy

With the objective of promoting the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases in Health, Safety and the preservation of the Environment, SANDECH has guidelines and procedures that guide all Employees of the company.

Within this system is the elaboration, implementation, training and awareness of Employees to perform their tasks, based on procedures based on laws and current HSE regulations.


SANDECH promotes internal institutional campaigns with the objective of promoting good working environment, health, well-being and interaction among its Employees. In addition, there is the dissemination of external campaigns, through social networks, contributing even more to disseminate useful information to all who follow us.

Quality Guidelines

Our QMS Guidelines are the pillars that support the quality of our services.

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Here Everyone is Safe

  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Quality Certificates

SANDECH has a mature Quality Management System (QMS), being internationally certified by ABS in ISO 9001: 2015. In addition to the approval of the ABS Quality Evaluations, our QMS was audited by five of our Clients and approved for execution of critical engineering projects, including offshore activities with risk of production stoppage.

Management System

ANAB Accredited

NBR ISO 9001:2015

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