Engineering Projects

Field Survey

The field survey aims to provide the necessary information collection to the correct execution of studies, projects, As built and similar.

SANDECH has a full team of highly qualified professionals capable of carrying out field surveys under the most diverse working conditions, with specific training for each case, such as: Facilities and Electricity Services (NR-10), Transportation, Handling (NR-11), Hazardous Activities and Operations (NR-16), Combustible and Flammable Liquids (NR-20), Open Skies (NR-21) , Occupational Safety and Health in Confined Spaces (NR-33), Work at Height (NR-35), among others.

Feasibility Study

The main objective of the feasibility study is to identify the Client's needs, estimate resources and, through a technical-economic analysis, define the option that best enables the enterprise.

It is through this that determining factors are defined in the success of a new business, such as location, capital and product or process design, as well as its market potential and the financial return on investment.

Conceptual Design

Based on the feasibility study, the conceptual project arises, which deals with the validation of the choices made in the study, in order to meet the needs or requirements in the areas of an engineering plant.

It can be said, therefore, that the conceptual design is the initial phase in the execution of a project of a product or installation.

Basic Design

The basic project is the phase where all the basic characteristics of the project requested by the Client, such as services, materials and equipment, will be defined, with definition of the first layouts, forecast of the execution period and the overall cost of the work.

The basic design is essential to avoid future operational problems, changes in technical specifications, lack of effectiveness, among others.


After the basic design, the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) is the phase of pre-detailing, where the cost estimate will be even more assertive. It is in him that will be understood and eliminated any doubts about the basic project, giving the Client the complete visualization of the viability of his enterprise.

In the FEED project, data are defined that will support the detailed design, guaranteeing the minimization of costs, increase of operational efficiency and, mainly, fulfillment of the execution period.

Detailing Design

It is the detail phase, in which the objective is to prepare and gather, for the execution of the work, all the final multidisciplinary data, such as specification of equipment, layouts, descriptive materials, drawings, budget worksheet and project execution schedule.

The Detailing Design is carried out based on the basic projects and FEED, so as not to de-characterize the premises defined by the technical and operational studies based on the basic and conceptual design. In addition, in the executive project, services such as Technical Opinions (TECHO's) can be offered, in which technicians make the observations, study and conclusions they have made and recorded during the surveys, and Supplier Documentation Analyzes (SDAs) consisting of inspection of the supplier's data for the correct acquisition of certain material, equipment, etc.


The Technical Assistance to Work (TAW) is the link between the engineering projects and the construction site, in order to assist the Client during the execution and management of the same. This assistance is done through verification inspections, where the documents generated in the executive project are compared with what is in fact being built, as well as meetings with suppliers and orientations, always aiming at quality, organization and agility in the work.

As Built

It refers to the updating of engineering documentation, such as plans, descriptive materials and drawings, in order to reflect exactly what was performed in the work. The "As Built" is of great importance to ensure the conservation, maintenance (preventive, predictive and corrective) reforms and, mainly, future extensions of an enterprise.


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